Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana
Very high quality american type golden retriever breeding

affisso ENCI FCI Goldendorado affisso ENCI FCI Goldendorado ENCI FCI "Goldendorado"

Why choose an American Type Golden Retriever by Goldendorado?

Love; it's love that got us started and love that continues to guide us in breeding and selecting the Goldendorado.

Every Goldendorado is born at our farm, in a clean, adequate and well-kept environment.

The mother is cared for throughout the pregnancy, medical examinations and adequate nutrition ensure the future vitality and health of the puppies.

The magical moment of birth, which takes place in cosy air-conditioned nurseries, always excites us as much as it did the first time: the image of the mother who cleans and nurses her little ones remains etched in our hearts.

At the right time, the puppies are visited by our veterinarians and trusted specialists. The analyses, vaccinations and certifications are a ritual that every Goldendorado must pass, a slight nuisance for them, guaranteeing a high level of security for you as future "adoptive parents"

The little ones stay to play with their mother as long as is necessary; we hand them over to their new loving owners only when they are ready, thus preventing traumas that could recur as temperamental issues.

When you come to pick up your new life companion, you will not only be taking home a little piece of our heart but also a healthy, beautiful puppy with an excellent character because the Goldendorado 'lineage' is the result of years of careful and strict selection of the best American bloodlines. We have paid great attention to the hereditary and genetic diseases of the breed, the character of the breeders and their compliance with AKC (American Kennel Club) beauty standards.

Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

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