Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana
Very high quality american type golden retriever breeding

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Arrival at home

Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

If you decided to take an American Type Golden Retriever puppy and make it a "friend for life" you will surely see how your days will be filled with joy despite some little pranks.

If you have chosen an American Type Golden Retriever puppy it will be akin to bringing home a stuffed animal (a TRUDY) that looks very much like a soft, furry ball, but be careful as it is not a toy.

When you choose your puppy breeder take some advice because if you have children you will have to choose a more calm and quiet puppy, but be careful because the kids should not be on him all the time or the puppy otherwise will hide and be scared, you will instead need to calm it, let it explore its new home and give it permission to visit all spaces, always stay as close as possible for the first few weeks so that it slowly gets used to your life and your schedule.

If while exploring your puppy leaves you a present... "pee" do not scold it but take it out and try to figure out a schedule as to when it needs to get out.

For example, every time you wake up or after the meals ... slowly with much patience and love, it will learn not to pee in the house.

Surely toilet mats that are suitable for puppies are a great help. Prepare a quiet corner for your American Type Golden Retriever puppy to sleep.

Some recommendations for the safety of all puppies:

  • pay attention to indoor plants because many of the most common plants are poisonous if eaten by puppies
  • be careful if you use the garage as a "kennel": as there are sometimes poisonous and deadly substances such as motor oil, paint thinner, etc. along with various insecticides.
  • be very careful in the summer when the temperature is elevated as it can cause heat exhaustion (do not leave your friend in the car even if the windows are open)

There is so much other advice to give on many topics, but if you start slowly and learn to understand your furry American Type Golden Retriever friend you will love this wonderful breed.