Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana
Very high quality american golden retriever breeding

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Why choose an American Golden Retriever by Goldendorado?

Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

Our kennel selects only American bloodlines, not for fashion but for love and passion.

It is with great pride that we present the "American" golden retriever of Goldendorado.

During these years we have selected the best of the North/Central/South America bloodlines paying close attention to the conditions which they are suffering from and are trying to keep the typical character and morphological characteristics intact, because even among American golden retrievers there are huge differences.

Many do not know them as a blood line but there is a huge difference between American and European golden retrievers not only in the colour of their hair that is almost always dark (golden colour until you get to a reddish tone) but also because of its texture and thickness. The skeleton is more powerful and robust, and the eyes are slanted.

The thing that fascinates us every day is their extremely sensitive, joyful, balanced character, smile and great energy. They look like the eternal cuddly puppies, only those who have had the pleasure to know the Golden Goldendorado can understand all this.

We look forward to welcoming your to our kennel!