Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana
Very high quality american type golden retriever breeding

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Our golden

Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

Our breeding select, making sure to preserve not only the physical standards of the breed, but trying to keep the character of the beautiful golden: balanced, sweet, affectionate, playful, loves children and loving family and work (not only hunting).

There are many dogs that have achieved sea rescue and search patent and many others are in hospitals and private facilities to do pet therapy: for a breeder these are the real satisfactions that fill the heart.

We thank all owners of our goldens for the love, patience and tenacity that had to be trained and the results obtained.

Here you can see some Goldendorados at work


Mirò also obtained the SICS patent

Mirò and Valentina have obtained the operating license from SICS Liguria Vela for rescue at sea and will join the other 16 dogs that will watch over the beaches of Albissola Marina.

With the Rescue School, Mirò will also participate in the days organized at Gaslini with children.

Marley, son of Sir Arthur

Thanks to Marley and his owner and handler: together they quickly reached a wonderful goal in the Italian Alpine Rescue Corps.

Another Goldendorado that takes the SICS patent

A great emotion for all of us and for his family and his wonderful conductor and owner Stefano Fagnini!