Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana
Very high quality american type golden retriever breeding

affisso ENCI FCI Goldendorado affisso ENCI FCI Goldendorado ENCI FCI "Goldendorado"

Breeding with passion

Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

Our passion for the American Type Golden Retriever was initiated not by fashion but by attending national and international exhibitions that we have been doing with our Labrador for many years.

We were fascinated by this type of Golden Retriever for its golden colour, beauty and elegance and its sociable, gentle, affable, intelligent, sensitive, obedient and helpful nature, which makes it a great friend to all family.

Very different morphologically from Golden Retrievers that we are used to seeing and finding no Golden Retriever in Europe that would attract our attention, we extended our research to other continents, starting from America: here at last found the Golden Retriever we wanted for a long time; so we started to import the first "American" Golden Retrievers trying to make them known not only in the dog shows but also at work, hunting, reporting, research on land and at sea and pet therapy.

We will introduce our American Type Golden Retriever, i.e. Goldendorado through our website!

We look forward to welcoming your to our kennel!