Goldendorado - Allevamento di Golden retriever di linea americana

Very high quality american type golden retriever breeding

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ENCI FCI "Goldendorado"

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With great pride we present to you, the fruit of years of hard work and selection:
American Type Golden Retriever "Goldendorado"

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Loyalty, nobility, unconditional love, joy and generosity:
American Type Golden Retriever brings these values that we would like to find in the human beings but rarely encounter on our journey.
Walter Nocentini

All of our American Golden Retriever adults and puppies are selected to maintain the morphological standard and character of this wonderful breed, i.e. the American line, suitable for the whole family, children, elderly, for pet therapy and research.

Come visit directly and see the American Golden Retriever puppies at our farm, present for years in Tuscany, without any commitment. All our American Golden Retriever breeds, male and female alike, are certified for hip (HD) and elbow (ED) dysplasia and are tested for Pra/PRCD (progressive retinal atrophy), certified for heart disease and have DNA deposited at accredited ENCI institutions and possess the genetic identity certificate.

Our kennel has a single office in Loc. Il Torlino I, n. 121 - S.Mama - 52010 Subbiano - Arezzo

Our name, Goldendorado® are registered

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